What is UPIS?

The UP Integrated School (est. 1976) is the laboratory school of the UP College of Education. It offers an integrated curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12. It is one of the country's pioneer integrated schools and has been offering an integrated curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 10 since its inception until the mandatory implementation of the Department of Education's K-12 program in 2012.

The UPIS is the product of the merging of three schools whose functions it inherited. These are the UP High School (est. 1916), the UP Elementary School (est. 1936), and the UP Preparatory High School (est. 1954).


The UPIS has three main functions. It is a laboratory school, a service school and a feeder school to the University.

Like its predecesors, UP High and UP Elem, UPIS primarily serves as the laboratory school of the UP College of Education. This means UPIS serves as the practicum site for student teachers of the College. It also serves as a venue for research for the College's undergraduate and graduate programs. However, UPIS' laboratory function is not limited to the College of Education. UPIS also accepts student teachers from the Colleges of Home Economics, Human Kinetics, and Music. It also welcomes researchers from these colleges and other institutions in UP Diliman and elsewhere.

As a service school, UPIS caters to the educational needs of the children of UP personnel. Sixty out of 100 slots are allotted to children of UP personnel at Kindergarten. Children of UP personnel also enjoy discounted tuition fees.

UPIS' feeder school function was inherited from the UP Preparatory High School which was designed to be a "University Academy." Most, if not all of UPIS graduates opt to enter the University provided they pass the UPCAT.

Philosophy, Mission and Vision


The educational system has a responsibility to contribute to the attainment of societal goals, serving as an active agent in the transformation of that society and the transmitter of those universal and ageless values that make us human beings. It is from this perspective that the UP Integrated School has defined its functions as a laboratory school for the College of Education, and a service and feeder school for the University.


As the laboratory school of the UP College of Education, the UPIS envisions to help build a just and humane society. To this end, the UPIS is committed to educate students who shall develop their optimum potentials and who shall be proud of their culture and national identity. It shall be the center of excellence for basic and teacher education, innovations, research and development.


To equip students with life skills in their search for knowledge that will contribute to nation building

To instill values and attitudes to become responsible and productive citizens to initiate change in basic education through research and experimentation

To be a partner with the College of Education in training pre-service students to be effective and competent teachers